First let us take a look at where this twisting of God's word came from:

In 1953, a New Testament scholar by the name of C.H. Dodd published The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel, a book that was to revolutionize thinking of Christian eschatology. Dodd's reading emphasized passages in the New Testament, not least in John's Gospel, that suggest that the apocalyptic realities of the kingdom of God are already present in the ministry of Jesus and the apostles. From this, Dodd formulated the idea of realized eschatology, in which the apocalyptic prophecies of God's kingdom have already been fulfilled in the ministry of Jesus. Some theologians of a liberal bent have used this to say that the whole notion of Jesus' second coming, the resurrection of the dead, and the final judgment were all just a big misunderstanding.


  A.  Eschatology: A Study of Last Things.

    1.    “By ‘eschatology,’ or doctrine of last things, is meant the ideas entertained at any period on the future life, the end of the world (resurrection, judgment;…) and the eternal destinies of mankind” (ISBE, James Orr, II:972).

    2.  “Realized” signifies accomplishment; Realized Eschatology is a doctrine of completed last things.

  B.  The Doctrine: All End Time Prophecy Fulfilled in AD 70:

    1.  The end times were realized and accomplished in AD 70 at the destruction of Jerusalem.

    2.  “…the fall of Judaism (and its far reaching consequences) is, therefore, a major subject of the Bible.” (The Spirit of Prophecy, Max R. King, p. 239)

    3.  What happened in AD 70 according to Realized Eschatology:

      a.   The promised second coming of Christ.

      b.   The resurrection was then accomplished.

      c.   The judgment day occurred.

      d.   Every spiritual blessing perfected and made available to the world.

    4.  AD 70 says to look beyond AD 70 for the personal coming of Christ and the bodily resurrection of mankind followed by a judgment is without Biblical authority:

      a.  “There is no scriptural basis for extending the second coming of Christ beyond the fall of Judaism.” (King, 105)

      b.  “…the end of the Jewish world was the second coming of Christ.” (King, 81)

      c.  “Prophecy found its complete fulfillment in the second coming of Christ, and now may be regarded as closed and consummated.” (King, 65)

To those who believe this false teaching there is no middle ground, to this I agree the Bible is the authority and this teaching will be found nowhere within its pages; I say the AD 70 doctrine is nothing more than “Realized Apostasy”!

The rest of these articles will be dedicated to teaching against this false doctrine and to how you can combat it when and if you ever face someone teaching this damnable doctrine.

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