Lost! Unfaithful Christians

Luther Bolenbarker
Houston, Texas

Jesus said, "No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God" (Luke 9:62). One of the saddest truths we must face is that some Christians will be lost eternally. This truth is not because God wills it, but rather because they (unfaithful Christians) will it to be so by ceasing to do God's will for one reason or another. These developed reasons (weak excuses) when used often enough will cause "an evil heart of unbelief, in falling away from the living God" (Heb. 3:12).

Putting our hands to the plow is of the utmost importance to our becoming a Christian and working in the Lord's vineyard. Some will quit working while others look back to the old ways of sin. Jesus said these were not fit for the kingdom any longer. Not fit equals lost!

This truth is hard to face, so hard in fact many refuse to face it or accept it. Some denominations have come up with the "impossibility of apostasy," saying "God's children cannot fall," or "Once saved, always saved," or "if they fall, they really weren't Christians anyway." All of these slogans are made in spite of the numerous examples to be found in the Bible showing children of God falling in all dispensations of time (i.e. Adam and Eve fell, King Saul fell, David fell, children of Israel fell, Ananias and Sapphira fell, Hymenaeus and Alexander fell, Demas fell). On and on the list could go. Perhaps you could add a name to the list: "___________ is an unfaithful Christian. I'm going to do what I can to bring them back and if I am successful and convert ____________ from the error of his/her way, then I shall have a part in saving a soul from death" (James 5:19, 20).

Simon the Sorcerer (Acts 8) was a Christian (Mk. 16:15, 16, Acts 8:13); however, he erred from the truth through sin. Peter told him to repent and pray for forgiveness (Acts 8:22).

If your name could be written in the space above, will you not do as Simon: repent and become a "faithful child of God, with the hope of heaven?

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