I have a confession to make.

By: Jim Miller

I like many others far to often get caught up in the material things of this life. I often wonder well why can't things just seem to go right for a change. All the while over looking the many many blessings that have been bestowed upon me. I have come to realize over the years that it is not getting to do the things I want or having the things I want that is important. But, just as every other human on the planet I slip back into that way of thinking that to be happy I must have things and go places and do things that I want for me to be happy.

As I grow older I have to remind myself constantly that God only promised me the things I need any more than that is a blessing. Not that I earned it but because I serve a loving God who truly cares about all His children.

I read a short article written by a woman back in 1993 this morning about how she learned to be happy just being a house wife and how she enjoyed the simple things in life God had allowed her to see and do. Even in times when she felt it all to be drudgery she found happiness in the world around her and how she could see the awesome hand of God at work not just in the world but in her too.

I can not speak for others but when my time here on earth is over I would like for those who knew me to say he was a good man, helpful full of life and was one who sought to be pleasing to God. I have been and still am growing and learning and as the years go by I am finding more and more that it is not what I attain in this life that matters but rather what I do to build a treasure in heaven where I will spend eternity with God.

As I look back some of the happiest times in my life are when I was doing something so simple such as the time I found this pond in the woods that was so clear you could see all the way to the bottom and see the fish swimming in and out of fallen logs at the bottom. The sound of the birds and little animals scurrying around in the bushes, the warmth of the sun that was shining through the tall pine and oak trees and how I had to squint sometimes from its brightness reflecting off the water. Oh, those were simpler times indeed and I miss them. I miss them because I no longer look for them I let life drag me down and over look the awesomeness of God.

You know I bet you right now if I would just walk to the kitchen window and look out of it at the snow and the ice and the trees and maybe even catch a glimpse of the wild turkeys that run through the yard from time to time I would see that wonderful hand of God again and appreciate more now than if I were younger. I think from now on I am going to try harder to just be content with what I have and try to enjoy the awesome wonders God has set before me. After all there are so many and I have missed far to many already. May God bless you as much as he has me……….

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