Be Ware Facebook Censorship

Be Ware Facebook Censorship

Below you will find 2 screenshots taken from my computer this morning. When I tried to login to my account I was told by the wonderful people at FB that I was not allowed to use my account for 12 hours. It seems I have somehow broken one of their rules. They probably consider it (hate speech).

In a heated discussion in my own group over abortion and homosexuality I made a statement after proving from scripture that Homosexuality is sin and an abomanation to God I posted the following sentence "now that this is clear regarding homosexuals lets turn back to the murder of the unborn." This is what got me blocked from my account for the next 12 hours.

Please folks be careful as you and I have a First Ammendment Right to free speach but not on Facebook it seems. Their rules trump the constitution. If this can happen to me it can happen to anyone. See the screen shots below,

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