60 Second Sermon on Hypocrites

Larry R. DeVore
Roseville, Ohio

The word "Hypocrisy" is from the Greek word "Hupokrisis" meaning literally, "To answer- play-acting, hence, pretence." (Vine, page 241).

Quite often when visiting an unfaithful member of the church, his or her favorite excuse is "There are too many hypocrites in the church." And I suppose they are right. For even one true hypocrite in the church would be one too many. But I believe there are a whole lot more hypocrites in man-made churches, and in the world in general; and brother, there will be a whole lot of them in hell, and I do not want to go there to be with them.

But it seems to me, in about every case where this excuse is brought up, the one using it as an excuse for unfaithfulness has never gone to any of these "hypocrites" in the church to try to get them to do right. This is "Phariseeism" of the worst sort, as Jesus said "they say and do not." So it is with unfaithful members. They will accuse others of being hypocrites, but they will do absolutely nothing to talk to them and teach them to do right. This they do not want to do, because if others did right, then their excuse would be gone! This makes such unfaithful members the biggest hypocrites of all. Paul said, "Let love be without dissimulation." (Rom. 12:9) Dissimulation is another word for hypocrisy. The unfaithful member does not really love his brethren or else he would urge them to do better and repent. He is the biggest hypocrite of all, and he will end up in hell with that hypocrite in the church he refused to have anything to do with in this life. What a waste and useless tragedy. Think, Brethren, Think!

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