Fond Memory

By Jim Miller
Gray Maine

One of my fondest memories from when I was growing up was one day when a friend and I went fishing. We headed of through the woods to find a spot to fish. We came upon a very small pond in a clearing and were astonished at how clear the water was. we were used to fishing either in the ocean or some creek of lake that you couldn't see the bottom of and it was just amazing to us that we could see all the way to the bottom and see the logs and the fish just like looking through a clear glass window.

We sat down fitted our lines and set about watching as the fish would come nibble away at the bait. I am telling you it was truly mesmerizing. It was so quiet and peaceful and my friend and I sat there not saying much at all for probably 2 or 3 hours.

We never went back to that pond to fish again, I guess it was because we were just kids and other things like baseball and bike riding and all the things kids did when we were younger kept us occupied. But I will never forget that day.

It seems so long ago now but that memory is crystal clear in my mind. Now when I think back on it I have to stop and thank God for His handy work. The Lord has given us a way to feel the same as I did that day in awe as we just sat there quiet and still. He has made it possible for each of us to know that one day if we will just be obedient we can find that same wonderful peace that only He can provide. The knowledge of knowing that He will never leave us nor forsake us and that He took the sins of this world upon Himself that we might be forgiven and saved is a wonderful assurance.

Looking into the pages of my Bible is like looking into that small pond from my youth. It is so clear and so simple that we should all sit in awe of it. Just think you hold in your hands the complete will of God for you every time you pick it up and read from it. When I think about it  my friend and I could have gone to many other places to fish but we didn't and what a reward that has been over the years.

I think of my Bible in much the same way today. I could go to a murky lake or stream even the ocean of this life but now I go to that clear pond to find the peace and joy only the words of my Lord and the apostles can give which was proclaimed so long ago now.

The words never change the principles never change no matter how hard others try to defile it. I am sure by now that little spring fed pond is long gone due to progress. But I still have the memory and I still have a clear pond to learn from and cherish all my days in the word of God.  

 Joh_14:27  Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

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