The Older You Get…………..

Jim Miller
Gray, Maine

The older you get the more faith and trust you put in God (that is if your a Christian). You have learned that God in his providence has things under control. He has seen you through the hard times of the past and sometimes He has said no in answer to your prayers but he has never left you and certainly never forsaken you.

Experience can be a hard taskmaster but as you grow you learn that there is really nothing in this whole world more important than to walk in the light of Gods word. His word is a comfort to those in sorrow, a sword to those willing to fight for the spread of the Gospel and correction of error. His word is a pattern for living a life that will someday bring you to an eternal home with Him.

The word can also bring you to your knees in prayer for forgiveness, and lift you up again to walk in confidence. What a wonderful and powerful Creator we serve. Look about you at all the things you take for granted. The beauty of spring when the flowers begin to bloom and the birds with their wonderful singing rings from the trees fresh with new leaves return. What about the noise of a babbling stream or the rushing waters of a mighty river the sound of playing children in a park. These are simple things we overlook yet God in all His splendor and greatness can be seen and heard all around you.

Then there is the greatest gift ever given to man, you nor I were witnesses but we have it recorded for all time within the pages of our Bibles. The gift of forgiveness through the suffering and death of Gods only Son Jesus Christ. Who made it possible for us to be forgiven of our many sins. What a price to pay because He loves us so much.

No friends there is no scripture given in this writing but the Creator who calls to everyone come unto me has given you much to be thankful for even when times seem at their worst. Won't you open your Bible today and read of the grace and mercy you have been given. Read of the consequences of staying in sin and fear God who can take body and soul. Learn of His great and awesome power then bend your knees and thank Him in prayer.


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