What did you Celebrate?

By Jim Miller
Gray, Maine

Yesterday you celebrated the day we declared independence from England. Since that day many have declared independence from God and the scriptures. Of course man has been doing that for thousands of years yet somehow it seems so ironic that a country of men who fought and died for your freedom who understood the God given rights of all men to be free has now turned into the very thing they fought to get away from. I can see the founders now turning over in their graves in shame for what we have allowed to happen to this great country.

Now I want you to think about something. The biggest reason this country is in the shape it is in is because we have allowed others to dictate the removal of God, His principles and moral standards from our daily lives. It is no longer acceptable to most for a Christian to point out that someone is living in sin and headed for hell.

It is no longer acceptable to hold sinners accountable. It is no longer acceptable for a preacher to preach the hard things to a dieing world. Even in the one true church that Christ established many things once held as the standard have fallen prey to the politically correct mindset thus wandering off into apostasy.

False teachers surround us at every turn and it is like we turn a blind eye to them and just say well they will answer to God we are still okay. This way of thinking is not what our creator wants. Yes they will answer one day but so will we. We are going to give account for what we have done in our brief stay here on this earth. Many good men over the years understood and took seriously their command to GO. Men such as J.T. Smith, Ira Rice, Foy E. Wallace, Guy N. Woods and others stood against the false teachings of those who would lead others astray and replace the truth with fables and man made doctrines

We have allowed our government to cave in to the immoral demands of depraved minorities who are Godless and wicked. We have allowed God to be taken out of the equation by power hungry and greedy men seeking to rip apart what our founders fought so hard to establish. We are no longer free men we have given that up little by little over the years. We have failed to put God first and in doing so we have given up the very freedom we were blessed with some 235 years ago.

The celebration of our independence on July 4th has become nothing more that an excuse to get drunk and have fun watching fireworks. Many people do not even know what the celebration is even for. Friends you may think and believe what you want but I encourage you to pick up and read not just the Declaration and Constitution set forth by the founders but pick up your Bibles as well and open it and study it.

Yesterday was a sad day for me because I believe when you remove God from anything you put your soul in danger. Choose you this day whom you will serve….. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

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