Late again?

By Jim Miller
Gray, Maine

Sorry I'm late but……. I will be the first to say yes there are at times legitimate reasons to be late for class or services that is not what I am going to address here so do not get your knickers in a bunch.

Every Christian knows that the first day of the week is the Lords day and that they need to be prepared both physically and mentally for that day of worship. The same concept applies to mid week Bible study and Gospel meetings and any other times the church comes together such as an all sing night etc.

There are times when an illness or some unforeseen event will keep us from assembling however, for a Christian who knows full well the times and places which they are to assemble for them not to be ready something is very wrong.

How can a Christian follow Mat. 6:33 and not care enough to be up and ready or to allow something to come between them and God. You have to ask what could possibly be more important than ones worship of our Creator. We all know the the times set aside for bible classes we know exactly what time we meet for worship. We know the dates and times of Gospel meetings and are given plenty of time to arrange to be present.

Do you really believe that God is pleased when you allow things to come before Him? When you come in late and even though it is a small distraction to those already singing or praying or studying do you think God is pleased with your actions? You know whether your the type that might need to get up a little earlier in order to get ready. You know that there is a set time for each meeting. You know that bible study and class are important and needed and the times that they accrue. You know well the scripture that tells us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some.

You can not live by the old adage better late than never. I ask you to answer honestly what is more important than your service to God? What could possibly be that important?

We have a real heart problem today and we have gotten used to brother so and so always being late we have come to expect it when instead we should be explaining that it is not acceptable and teaching him the importance of being on time or even early. This is not to mention that most who show up late are the first to head for the door as soon as the service is over. This clearly shows a heart problem in that other things brother so and so wants to do is more important.

I personally look forward to the first day of the week and any other meetings decided upon. It gives me time to learn what God expects of me and it brings me joy to know I am doing what my Creator expects of me. Frankly, I don't believe we spend enough time even on Sunday when we set aside a mere 2 hours in the morning and maybe an hour in the evening for worship to God. I would like to think I would have been one of the first in attendance to hear Paul preach and be one of the last to leave when he ended his preaching at midnight. But I digress…….

You know you need to be in Bible class and most do not even start till ten am. You have several hours to get ready before hand and you know the night before what day it will be when you awake. We need to find a way to instill in the hearts of me a true love of God and his word that is what it really boils down too if you think about it.

Do yourself a big favor set out your cloths the night before set your alarm for plenty of time to get ready and eat and all you need to do so that you can be on time. After all God is waiting on you.

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