Pete and Grandma

By Jim Miller
Gray, Maine

Pete was headed over to Jack's house to help him work on his truck, it seemed that Jack's truck was always needing something done to keep it on the road. Pete knew it was all that Jack's family had for transportation so whenever asked he would grab his tools and head over to help. Oh how times have changed thought Pete, people sure don't act and care like they used too. You see Pete had grown up hearing stories from his Grandmother of how hard it had been during the depression and how everyone had to depend on their friends and relatives just to get by.

Pete remembered how he used to sit at the kitchen table while Grandma was cooking and she she would tell him stories of how people used to all know each other by first name and how they often depended on the kindness of others for help during those hard times. For some reason these stories always stuck with Pete and he didn't really understand how or why things had changed so much.

Grandma would tell him of times when they needed help and also many times that they would go help others in whatever way they could. Pete remembered one thing Grandma had told him almost every time he heard one of those stories from her past and it too stood out in his mind as a reminder of just how much different things were today.

Grandma would always say to Pete, Boy, remember this The Good Book says in Luke chapter six and verse thirty one, And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. You can't go wrong if you follow them instructions boy. Grandma would always follow that with and you be sure you ain't look for nothing in return the good Lord will take care of the rest. Peter had always been impressed how his Grandma would always use scripture when she was talking with him. He held Grandma in high esteem because of the way she always seemed to do exactly as Luke had said.

Peter remembered how if anyone came over. how his Grandma would say to them as soon as they got in the door, hello there are ya hungry or would you like some coffee? Peter always thought it must be because Grandma living through the depression knew how hard it was and how a lot of folks went hungry during those times. No matter how many showed up at her door she was willing to feed them if they were hungry.

Many times Peter had heard the stories of how if someone got sick how all the folks around would try and help with food and meals. How, if someone couldn't get their crop in that the men would bring their trucks and tractors and make sure they didn't rot in the field. Grandma always told the story how when their barn burned down one spring an how everyone came over and helped them raise a new one. Grandma would always say back then boy, we counted our blessing and thanked God for His mercy.

Pete, had never asked for anything in return for helping Jack and he knew it was because of all the things he had learned from Grandma. Pete had been a member of the Lords church all his life and he had been taught well by his parents and Grandma. Pete found himself wishing people today were like they used to be when most folks would help each other like he was taught to do. Pete was thinking that today so many people are so wrapped up in all they could gain in this world and had forgotten or never been taught that it is all just temporary that in the end nothing here on earth was lasting.

Pete had known Jack a long time and had used his time helping keep that old truck on the road to share the scriptures with Jack. With Pete's help Jack had learned what he needed to do to be saved and had been obedient to the Gospel just a few months before. Pete pulling into Jacks drive thought how much better it would be if everyone had a Grandma like he had. He also took a moment to thank God for that old broken down truck that had given him the chance to teach Jack about the Lord.

Stepping out of his pickup Pete smiled and said hey Jack what are we working on today?

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