New Years

Tomorrow will be the first day of another New Year. Tonight people will be celebrating having parties getting drunk raising cane. Our enemies will be attempting to kill as many as they can in the name of a false god. Our government will continue scheming to take away more of our God given rights. Satan will be having a field day all because we the people have lost our moral compass.

Yet a midst the debauchery and ungodliness there will be those who will be praying and seeking the will of the Lord. We as Christians may be few in number these days and looked down upon for holding to the faith once delivered but I would rather be thought a fool in the eyes of others than to be a fool in the eyes of our God.
We should all be grateful that our Creator has given us this long to bring our lives in accordance with His will. It is my belief that a Christian if they wish to ring in the New Year should do so on their knees thanking God for His love and mercy. Giving God the praise and glory for allowing us to still be here on His earth where we can do our duty to spread His word. It is not all about us and the world would have you believe. It is ALL about God and a home in heaven with him when the time comes.
I don't mind telling you it breaks my heart to see even the church turning away from our Creator for the love of this world. I look around me and I think of Sodom and Gomorrah and the faithful Abraham pleading for mercy for any righteous there go read Gen. chapter 18 and 19. We should be doing the same among ourselves for our own country. We should be praying for strength to go out and proclaim the truth.
You want to make a resolution for the New Year why not resolve to get up out of the pew and go teach others the truth. Follow the examples of the first century Christians when they were set upon by Saul. Go everywhere and preach the Good News. God has given you the marching orders, don't just sit idol and do nothing.
Friends you have been given so much by God. Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for you and me. Why not be found on your knees praying to God on this New Years eve. Seeking His mercy and love and showing yours.
May God bless you in the New Year.
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