Emotions reeking havoc

By Jim Miller
Gray, Maine

Emotionalism is a ploy used by Satan. There is a place in the gospel for emotion. When we learn that Jesus went to the cross and died for our sins, our emotions ought to be affected. We hear the preaching of the cross, become convicted of sins, and obey the gospel for the forgiveness of those sins, our hearts should rejoice. This is the order found in the New Testament. People heard the gospel, responded to the gospel by confessing their faith in Jesus, repenting of their sins, and being baptized for the forgiveness of sins, then rejoiced at the fact that they were new creatures in Christ (Acts 8:35-39; 2:36-42). Emotion follows the understanding. This is the pattern of truth. Satan uses emotions to override the understanding. People swayed by their emotions instead of the truth will be stirred to the point of ignoring the truth for a "better felt than told" feeling. Assemblies of this sort are often full of confusion and commotion, with little, if any, Bible instruction taking place.

Too many today have been brainwashed into believing their emotions are what they should believe in and not the true and Holy word of God. This has led to preachers preaching smooth things so as not to step on anyone's toes or by any means hurt their feelings. Preachers and teachers who never get out of the 4 books of the Gospel with their preaching do more damage to the cause of Christianity than you might think.

Their failure to preach the whole counsel of God has led to this over rated  appeal to emotionalism that replaces true worship and sound teaching. These types of preachers and teachers are a danger to every Christian they come in contact with. The feel good gospel as it is called is leading many straight to the bowels of hell feeding the fires of everlasting damnation. Emotionalism is the go to tool for Satan today and it is reeking havoc in the church It is nothing more than confusion being carried on in the name of the Lord. Studying the truth, learning the difference between right and wrong, and examining the Word of God is far removed from these assemblies. The whole atmosphere is geared toward entertainment and not true worship unto God.

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