By: Jim Miller

Gray, Maine

Picture if you will and old woman standing in her living room with a bottle of furniture polish getting read to wipe the dust from her furniture. The furniture is as old or maybe older than she is and over the years there has developed a thick coating that protects the wood from any real damage. Now in walks a young granddaughter and says Grandma why don't you use the new improved cleaners we have today? You have used that same old stuff for years and look how it is built up on your table over all these years.

The new improved cleaners out today will take all that off and make your furniture look almost new Grandma. So the old woman says to her young granddaughter come here and sit down and I will explain it to you.

Grandma sits down and looks her granddaughter in the eye and says to her. Years ago when I first got this old table I was told that if I kept it dusted and cared for that one day it would have true character and be a lovely piece of furniture for years to come. I was given a bottle of this polish you see here and I have used it ever since. Over the years by using this I have protected the table from spills and damage and though there have been a few nicks here and there just look how much character it has now. Under all this build up as you call it remains the natural wood just as it was when it was made. This polish has protected it all these years so that I and others can still use it and look at it as a beautiful piece of old furniture.

The granddaughter looks at the old woman and says wouldn't it be nice if we could do that with people. Grandma, not missing a beat says young one we do it is called the blood of Christ. Long ago Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood for us so that we too could be saved just like this old table here. You see with each coat of polish I have protected this table and Jesus protects us and keeps us saved by polishing us every time we open our Bibles and learn and apply the things he has instructed us to do. You see little one when you go down in the water of baptism and come up all clean of your sins you are as bright as a new penny all clean. Then you must keep polished over and over till you have character too. As long as you stay away from all those new and improved things that take away the true character of a Christian then you like this old table will be saved. Over the years you will be protected by all the build up as you call it  and one day you will be given a new and improved look according to what the Lord wants. Until that day you just keep yourself polished through the years as I have this old table and you too will have great and Godly character.

Folks, we should all be looking to polish our lives with the word of God on a daily basis. We do not need the new and improved anything. Let us stay in the unchanging word of God and take on character and polish and protect our souls.

Let us also teach others that the old and reliable and true things build their character also and will keep them saved.

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